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  • Lawn Aeration:  This service promotes air circulation and allows water and nutrients to reach the roots, resulting in a healthier, more beautiful lawn.


  • Flowerbed Cleanup: Now is a great time to get those flower beds ready for the growing season. We will rake leaves, pull weeds, trim bushes, plant new flowers, plants and add mulch.


  • Weed Prevention: September through February apply preemergent to help prevent weeds in the future. Fertilizer will provide nutrients that will keep your lawn healthy. 


  • Tree Trimming and Tree Planting: Planting trees in the fall and winter is the best time (October through February) gives young trees' roots a chance to grow over the winter, preparing them to deal with the intense heat of the summer to come. 

  • Mulch Beds, Trees, and Plants: Adding mulch not only looks nice, it also improves the soil, helps preserve moisture, and prevents weeds. 


  • Compost Applications: Compost helps the soil better retain moisture, supplies nutrients, and feeds the soil's microbes. 

  • Irrigation Installation:  Get ready for those hot summer months with an irrigation system. Custom design, thoughtful installation, warranty, all permits and inspections are included.








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